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05. 04. 2020


Slicing cucumbers (for open field and under plastic)


The most widespread variety of field slicing cucumbers in the Czech Republic.  Predominantly female flowering, highly disease resistant (including CMV and ZYMV viruses and  downy mildew) plant.  Fruits are shorter, uniform dark green without a neck.  This variety adapts quiet well in cold climate growing regions.  Can be grown on open fields, under plastic or in greenhouses (string trellises, nets etc.).  Grown under plastic or in greenhouses she needs to be pollinated by bees and therefore ensure plenty of airing.


Vigorous foliage, well suitable for string trellises, nets etc. when grown in a greenhouse or poly tunnels.  Predominantly female flowering.  Considerably resistant to most of the cucumber diseases including CMV and ZYMV viruses and downy mildew.  Fruits are slightly longer than those of LINDA, (approx. 20 – 25 cm), uniform dark green, almost without neck.  Stays fresh for a very long time, doesn’t overripe easily.  Does well when grown even in colder regions both indoors and outdoors.  Indoor production requires bee pollination and therefore plenty of aeration.

Novelty in 2008

Predominantly female variety.  Extremely high yielding plant with greater outcome than LINDA or NATALIA.  Vigorous plant, mid-early maturity, highly disease resistant to downy mildew, mosaic viruses CMV and ZYMV and others – angular leaf spot, scab and powdery mildew.  Fruits are uniform dark green colour and medium long (cropping size of 18 – 22 cm).  Does well in colder regions grown in greenhouses, under row covers or poly tunnels (here ensure plenty of aeration for bee access for pollination).

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